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Thread: Summer crafts?

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    Summer crafts?

    What are your favorite summer crafts?

    I like knitting socks because they don't pile up on your lap in hot weather and are easy to travel with. I also try to learn a new craft each summer and work on at least one Christmas present.

    What are your summer craft plans?

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    As soon as the weather allows me to practically live outdoors in the yard, apart from the gardening itself I tend to pick up those heavier crafts that I can't do indoors, due to a lack of space... Like painting old furniture, fixing bicycles. As for my crochet and other yarn crafts, there's not really a difference between the seasons.

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    I also start up on my furniture refinishing projects.
    I've been stripping some awful kelly green paint off an old secretary/desk, and the wood underneath is turning out to be beautiful!
    I have several more refinishing projects lined up too.
    Otherwise, I deal with sewing summery clothing, or the indoor painting when I can open the windows.

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    How odd, yet how informative! I only work on refinishing furniture and gardening in the winter when it's cool enough that I won't get heatstroke.

    Really, no big differences for me year round, although it is really really hot and humid in Florida summers. I probably collect more shells in the summer just because I can go to the beach at 9PM, but they are a year round craft supply for me. And I can't do fine embroidery in very hot weather. My hands will feel sticky-dirty even when they aren't.

    I've noticed that thrift stores accumulate a lot more fabric through spring and summer, possibly because of spring cleaning, but also could be due to people not wanting to sew through the summer.

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    summer craft to do list

    I plan to
    1. sew shorts and tshirts
    2. strip and repaint my dresser as well as put on the vintage clear glass knobs my mom saved from my great gradmas house fire years ago.
    3. work on Christmas presents
    4. embroider product for my etsy shop
    5. work on product for the June Craftaluma show
    6. paint


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