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Thread: my birthday:D

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    my birthday:D

    Hi.I am sooooooo happy :D Yesterday was my birthday and it was sooooooo cool.We had a great party with dances and fun.I am from Moldova and our national dance is "hora". Hope someone have heard))Happy birthday to all members who are born in December.How do you celebrate your birthday?

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    I'm too 'old' to celebrate :D (still feel 25 though). My BF cooks me a nice meal and I'm happy with every phonecall from whoever remembers and a little attention at work.
    Good to hear you had such a nice day!

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    my birthday is 8 days before christmas so i always take the day off and do christmas shopping. and of course buy myself some birthday presents while i'm at it!

    happy birthday to all you december-born. hope your day didn't get lost in the holiday mix as we often do!

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    eek. my 30th is coming up this sunday and i have planned to have brunch with my nearest and dearest, followed by happy hour at one of my favorite bars. since the restaurant is called dovetail and the bar is called the dove, i'm calling the day "a dove day afternoon" :) if there's time, maybe some flea markets.

    happy bday!


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