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    Hi I was just in the doctor today and the nurse told me something I'd never heard about birth control pills, so I thought I'd pass it along. Apparently, antibiotics interact with birthcontrol pills, sometimes rendering the birthcontrol pills USELESS. So, my nurse suggests, if you go on antibiotics while you are on the pill, use a condom until you go off the antibiotics, or risk pregnancy.

    who would have thought?
    not me.

    This thread is old, but it is still useful as many women take birth control pills and don't know about the risk of pregnancy in case of going on antibiotics. My wife took birth control pills before the first pregnancy and her doctor warned her about the risk when she was prescribed with antibiotics. So, it is better to ask about such things. If you forgot to do this or don't have a possibility, there exists a great source - Canadian Pharmacy Online. It can provide you with the description of the needed pills, so you can read all necessary information about them online. Hopefully, someone will find it interesting!

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