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    While I agree with everyone else here that it is none of your boss' beeswax - I think I see why she has a problem with it (that doesn't mean she has a right to bitch you out about it though).

    Fewer and fewer women are keeping thier names anymore (less than 2%) and in a culture saturated with gender expectations I wonder how much of the name changing "choice" is really a choice. I know a lot of women who are pressured to do it before marriage, or don't like correcting people after the fact so they end up changing it.

    (I did not change my name and constantly get mail - from my own relatives - addressed to Mrs. Husband's last name)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdgt
    in a culture saturated with gender expectations I wonder how much of the name changing "choice" is really a choice.
    you're totally right, brdgt. I think that's what makes me so angry about the whole thing - because I don't really see it as a valid choice in my situation based on what I want my future to look like, and that really frustrates me. I WANT to keep my name, very badly. But the repercussions of not changing it, well, I don't want those just as much as I don't want to lose my name.

    of course, maybe getting engaged, married, or even actually living in the same state as my beau ought to all come before this "decision!"

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