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    I'm Diana and I live in Independence, Missouri. I'm a librarian/archivist who works in a genealogy branch in a public library system. Love my job!!! When I'm not being a librarian/archivist I quilt, mostly crazy quilting, cross stitch, needlepoint, sew clothing and home decor items, and embroider. I have just started to do a little bit of scrapbooking, but I used to do lots of rubber stamping until I developed some allergies to the inks(also most paints and glues). I pretty much love to do anything with needle and thread.

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    I'm Athena and I live in lovely New Jersey (and no, that is not an oxymoron). I'm 37 and work as an Executive Assistant for a retirement consulting firm.

    I love to knit, and I host my own knitting group. I also dabble in beading and bookmaking and would like to learn to make real jewelry. I am trained in basic patternmaking in pursuit of a fashion design degree, which I bagged for various reasons. So far, I've only made a lace cocktail dress (which nearly killed me) and knocked off an $800 corduroy skirt. They both fit me perfectly. I also love to cook and would consider myself somewhat of a foodie.

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    this is the best bio I've ever read!

    Quote Originally Posted by quornflour
    here is my standard bio:

    My name is Felicity. I am not a rock star. I grew up in Maine. Some actual rock stars from Maine: Dan Fogelberg, Juliana Hatfield, Liv Tyler. I don't know any of these people. My Kevin Bacon number is 3.

    I went to College in Wisconsin, where I received my BA in Theatre Tech. This has proved useful in day-to-day life, as I am the only person I know who can change a halogen bulb without getting finger grease all over it. Harrison Ford also attended the same college, but I don't think he changes many lightbulbs.

    In 1997 I drove from Wisconsin to the West Coast. My car broke down in Seattle, and I've been here ever since. I suppose I should get it fixed at some point.

    After working various bizarre jobs (buy me a beer sometime & I'll tell you about them), I landed at the Starbucks Home Office. While there I gained valuable life skills and something of a following. I also learned how to make a killer mocha but cannot share this information because of the NDA they made me sign.

    In my spare time I enjoy costume parties, quilting, knitting, and outfitting my fish tank with lasers. I am known to be quite the crafty individual – in both the MacGyver and Martha Stewart senses of the word.

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    Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

    contributor info

    My name is Carolina González and I am the owner and designer of NeoVamp Jewelry. All my work is hancrafted and one of a kind, done with attention to detail and knowledge of colour and textures. I am also a skilled painter and doll maker/customizer. Through the years I've acquired a lot of knowledge about the healing properties of colours and stones and try to advise my customers to help them find the jewel that will not only fit them, but help them and make them shine. I work sporadically as an illustrator and worked also as a tattoo artist, but I had to leave it due to a hard cervical contracture. I live in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands (Spain). I am 30 and live with my husband, my 2 cats and 3 dogs, all picked up from shelters and cold streets. I come from a familiy of sewers and mechanics so I can't remember which was my first craft.

    I am usually inspired by art, specially music and painting. Gustav Klimt, Brian Froud, Antoni Gaudi and the Arts & Crafts movement are my more revisited influences, along with music and cinema. I am also quite interested in prehistoric, tribal and religious art through history.

    Most amazing craft experience: learning something new every day.
    Favourite charity: animals.
    Long range craft goals: learning something new everyday, do more to help others through my work. and of course illustrating the craft book!
    Favourite Crafts: any, but I'll say wire working, doll making and painting.
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    My name is Anjanette. Contrary to what my name suggests, I don't have an ounce of French blood in me that I know of. I was named after an actress but unfortunately did not also inherit her acting talent. I tried as a teenager to pretend that I could act, but four highschool musicals later I'm resigned to the fact that my life had better never depend on me being able to fool anyone. :)

    I am 23 and currently reside in Liberty, Missouri with my wonderful husband. We've gone through a lot of transition this year - graduation from college, our wedding, our first apartment, and new jobs. My interests are all over the map and so are the crafts that I enjoy. My undergraduate field of study was Japanese and now I am learning Spanish. I have always had a passion for people and their cultures and love working with young adults and families with low incomes. I'm blessed with a job as a counselor in a pregnancy resource center and enjoy sharing God's love with girls in need. Crafting is a constant companion of mine and I enjoy knitting, decorating, paper, cooking, sewing, and probably anything else you could put in front of me.

    craft epiphany: learning how to knit from a friend in the 10 minutes it took to watch the trailors before Pirates of the Carribean. I had no idea I could pick something up that fast! I was a pretty crafty little girl growing up but was disillousioned by the realization that most adults (except my lovely stepmother) threw my creations away when I wasn't looking. So getting my hands on a craft that I could really make beautiful things with sparked a craft revolution in me! :)
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    Contributor information for Wuvie...


    My name is Karen, nearing 42 year old mother of two boys
    living in the country in Northeastern Oklahoma.

    Married to my 'third time's a charm' husband, we have only
    fuzzy children together.
    He has a daughter the same age as my oldest son. *
    (* Insert 'tell you long story later' note)

    A waitress most of my life, the opportunity to make money
    from my anal tendencies landed a job in the corner office next
    to the CEO of a major company doing accounting work. Let's
    abbreviate to say I'm not very good at ass kissing. Don't call
    me a team player unless we've got a ball game going. You don't
    pay me enough to not pay attention, boys. The politics
    of the corporate world are not my cup of tea. May he who caused
    my dismissal be gifted with a visit from the I.R.S. or better.

    I settled into our ten acre plot of land and decided to garden.
    Soon I found the bounty of seeds from the plants I'd plunked were
    bountiful. I bought a website and began selling seeds and plants,
    and here we are a year shy of operating my site for a decade now.

    Crafting. Oh my. Where to begin? I suppose my crafty ability
    could not help but be passed through the bloodline. My mother was
    one of eight children (I believe two others passed previously) raised
    by their father after my grandmother passed on at an early age.
    Lack of funds and a need to stretch items, to say the least. All of
    my aunts had and still have talent in so many areas. They sew,
    knit, crochet, weave, paint, you name it, they do it, and do it well.

    As a child, waste not want not was fun for me. Paper dolls were
    available from the Sears Roebuck catalog, along with a wide selection
    of clothing. Simply cut out the people, glue them to cardboard and
    choose your wardrobe. Thankfully I did not learn to be shallow playing
    with catalog dolls, since catalogs only used "attractive" people back
    then. Thankfully, I grew up with a good sense of self and 'take me
    as I am' attitude.

    When my mother and aunt would raid the trash bins behind local
    stores for wasteful toss-outs, I delighted in going with them. Ooh,
    all the big cardboard boxes, colorful posters, advertising material,
    egg cartons and so much more! No, we were not dumpster diving
    for food.

    Known to be a bit of a tree hugger, I find great joy in recycling items.
    I have a bit of an obsessive compulsive thing going on, so it would
    be easy to understand why I delight in making pictures with polka
    dots, or covering a vase with shattered glass from an automobile

    I was the strange child who glued eyeballs cut from magazines,
    then decoupaged them to my father's leftover beer bottles. Happy
    Mother's Day, Mom!

    Glass turns me on. I get more joy out of a rock tumbler filled with
    broken glass than I do diamonds and fine clothing. Give me a
    power drill before you give me a leather coat, and if you really
    want to make me happy, take me to a hardware store.

    Karen Marie
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    i'm Jaime, I'm 28, live in KCMO, i'm a stay at home mom, a wife, college student (still), aspiring author, and a lazy crafter. i love love love to knit--i always have AT LEAST one project going at all times. i'm learning to love crochet. and i've dabbled in just about everything else.

    i loved making things when i was younger, until that became not cool. then i suppressed my urge to craft, and repurpose other people's crap with bourbon in college. after i got married and pregnant with our son i dug out my grammy's knitting needles, and taught myself to knit from a kit i bought at wal-mart, and watching knitty gritty on DIY--thus unleashing the crafty beast inside me. for some reason i refuse to follow directions or patterns, i alter the pattern or free hand wing it on everything i make. i somehow find the exhilaration of not knowing how something will turn out fulfilling.
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