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Thread: Contributor Info

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    Contributor Info

    If you submit an idea, tip, recipe, project, etc. please also provide us with information about you!

    Since I expect people will submit more than one thing to the project, I'd love to keep the information about contributors organized in this thread. Follow anthrogirl's template below (name, location, age, etc.) and let us know if there's any other type of info you'd like to see in contributor bios!

    Quote Originally Posted by anthrogirl
    I'm Michele B., and I'm from glorious New York City, just above the East Village! I've been making things since forever, but my new love is crochet. I've been at it for a little over a year. I combine my love of cooking with crochet by going to the Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan and buying colored yarn from Morehouse Yarns ( and plain white yarn from Three Corner Farm. While in some ways Manhattan isn't a great crafting town (we don't have a Michael's), we do have some great yarn shops like The Point Cafe (very friendly to crocheters) and Knit NY. I also love Pearl Paint, which has incredible craft and paper shops.

    Age: 44
    Most amazing craft experience: Gilding old frames with silver leaf
    Favorite charity: The New York Public Library's Ottendorfer Branch
    Long-range craft goals: to turn my apartment into a pre-WWII paradise, with all the textiles decorated by me or made by hand.
    Favorite crafts: cooking, crochet, and finding new ways to use paper

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    My name is Tina and I live in the currently drenched city of Marysville. I live about 50 minutes north of Seattle. I work for the cable company in everett, which allows me plenty of time to craft. Usually I knit at work. don't get much accomplished between calls.
    I am married to a great guy named Rich who is very understanding I like to check out all kinds of crafts: scrapbooking, crocheting, knitting, sewing, cooking, reading, making marble magnets (new craze), making lip balms & bath bombs.
    I am a jack of all crafts, master of none...

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    My name is Amanda and I run the blog Apartment Farm, where I share my musings about crafting, gardening and good food. I'm into all sorts of craft, but I'm big into textiles (learning to knit, crochet, sew and weave), paper craft (rubber stamping, paper making, cards & tags), and home arts such as designing wall art, table runners, candles, etc. I'm also big into gardening, specifically small-scale urban food production and self-sufficiency. And I love to cook, old-school-style-- my coffee cake does NOT come out of a box!

    On a personal note, I'm 23 and married just over a year (to an AMAZING guy I've been with for over six years). We make our home in a modest Chicago one-bedroom. I'm a full-time office drone AND a full-time student pursuing a Social Science degree (complete with thesis). Other than the above-mentioned obsessions, I also love thrifting, reading, hitting the farmer's market, and hiking and backpacking.

    So that's me in a nutshell!

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    I am Rachel, I am 27 years old and live in Baltimore MD, with my husband and two dogs. I create and post recipes for my food blog Coconut & Lime ( and review food/kitchen related things at Food Maven ( I also self publish a recipe zine.

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    I'm Twilight and I live in Taos, NM. I'm 30, have been married 12 years and have one cat.

    My first venture into crafts was crochet that I learned while living on a commune. My first created item was a hippie tam. Currently knitting is my love and I am venturing into the land of sweaters. In addition I also enjoy sewing, decoupage and recycling old items into new creations. Finally I've collected enough wine corks for a bullentin board. Inspired by all the wonderful craft blogs out there I have recently created my own blog called Crafting Chaos at

    My husband and I like to make things together and our current project is a podcast named after ourselves called the Twilight and Thebes Show. We're celebrating a year of podcasting this month.

    Most amazing craft experience: winning 1st prize at a local recycled fashion show
    Favorite charity: my local free box, a shed at the recycling center where people drop off clothes, books and appliances, everything is free to take if you want it
    Long-range craft goals: to handmake most of my clothes
    Favorite crafts: knitting, sewing, decoupage, crochet, marble magnets

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    My name is Christine. I live in Boston with my completely awesome fiance. I've always loved making things. Currently I'm knitting a bit and am trying to put together a "quilt" out of squares I've knitted. I also love to cook and am hoping someday to be one of those grandmothers whose cooking skills go down in family legend.

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    here is my standard bio:

    My name is Felicity. I am not a rock star. I grew up in Maine. Some actual rock stars from Maine: Dan Fogelberg, Juliana Hatfield, Liv Tyler. I don't know any of these people. My Kevin Bacon number is 3.

    I went to College in Wisconsin, where I received my BA in Theatre Tech. This has proved useful in day-to-day life, as I am the only person I know who can change a halogen bulb without getting finger grease all over it. Harrison Ford also attended the same college, but I don't think he changes many lightbulbs.

    In 1997 I drove from Wisconsin to the West Coast. My car broke down in Seattle, and I've been here ever since. I suppose I should get it fixed at some point.

    After working various bizarre jobs (buy me a beer sometime & I'll tell you about them), I landed at the Starbucks Home Office. While there I gained valuable life skills and something of a following. I also learned how to make a killer mocha but cannot share this information because of the NDA they made me sign.

    In my spare time I enjoy costume parties, quilting, knitting, and outfitting my fish tank with lasers. I am known to be quite the crafty individual in both the MacGyver and Martha Stewart senses of the word.

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    My name is Stella. I currently live in Davis, California while I finish my B.S. in Environmental Toxicology. My focus is in environmental epidemiology. When I am not busy with school, I enjoy knitting, spinning yarn, sewing, beadwork, and making silver jewelry.

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    I'm Dawn and I'm from Richmond, Virginia. I'm 36 and a self-proclaimed ADD crafter...I like it all! My traditional favorites are anything to do with fiber. My "day job" is in Sensory research, so I think it's the whole tactile thing. Lately, I've gotten into recycled crafts.

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    I'm Heather, from Portland, OR. I "got rich quick" between the ages of 7 and 14 using nothing but my craftiness (and some craft supplies). By "rich," I mean by kid standards! Now I'm almost 30, and I publish CROQ Zine, a crafty little magazine devoted to crafting, DIY, and indie business. I like crafts of all types, and it's hard to stick to one kind, which is why I like editing a craft magazine -- I get to try anything that strikes my fancy!

    Crafting epiphany: in my late 20s, when sewing suddenly started making sense

    Current crafty challenge: I have four-month old baby, and finding more than 20 minutes at a time to craft is pretty much impossible at the moment

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