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Thread: Gardening

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitchensqueen View Post
    Equipping the Garden Toolshed

    So, you want to garden but don't know where to get started? A basic toolkit will help you on your way to gardening success.

    -- Hand tools: a cultivator (looks like a fork or mini rake), a soil scoop, a transplanter (the thin, long spoon) and a spade (the wide spoon).

    -- Bamboo poles and twine for trellising.

    -- Watering can or coiled hose with faucet attachment.

    -- Pots with drip trays (it's nice to have an assortment of sizes).

    -- All-purpose organic fertilizer.

    -- Pea gravel (for drainage or mulching).
    It is really a most valuable post.....very nice info.....your idea is really a great for gardening....thanks for the advice...!!
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    Organic vegetable gardening is possible in an urban setup using containers. Having an organic vegetable garden right in your apartment has a great value.
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    Gardening consider a best way of happiness getting so we will get a perfect peace and maintain a best standard in life so we will remind all issues in life so be conscious and adopt a pleasant hobby.
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    According to me, a green house outside of home shades the home effectively, mostly it is located where it gets maximum sunlight. Morning sunlight is sufficient for plants and afternoon sunlight is also. Here you can place your favorite plants which sands good.

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    If you feel a little lost, do not use the wine outlet, but should grab the trowel, and went straight to the garden. According to one study, gardening can hearten spirit, get rid of sadness. According to a survey "Gardeners world" magazine, more than 90% gardener believes gardening make their improvement in mood, they are less likely to exhibit any unhappy or depressed signs

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    There are an interesting information

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    Recently, my wife ordered a statue to the garden via the Internet. And everything would be fine if this statue was not from another country and was not stopped at customs due to the lack of any documents. I do not understand the customs documentation, and we needed to contact the company, they advised us and helped us compile the missing document. My wife was happy to receive her statue. I now forbade her to order statues from other countries.

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