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    I want to sell my crafts online, the only problem is i dont know how. I am not sure how to sell the stuff and ship it. i cant really explain what i need help on so if anyone could understand please post.

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    well, there are a couple ways to sell stuff online. you can start up your own site, sell your stuff on ebay, or through an online consignment shop.

    if you have your own site, most people use paypal for payments, and to ship it, you just, well, send it in the mail.

    you can also get an ebay account and sell your stuff there.

    consignment shops like and are a great way to start selling stuff online. they take care of shipping, payments, etc, you just mail them your stuff. they do take 40% of everything you sell, but thats in return for doing the website & payments & shipping and everything that you don't have to worry about.

    i've actually never sold any of my stuff online, but im planning to sometime in the future.

    good luck!

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    Thanks for answering my questions. You helped me alot. :)


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