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    Lightbulb Calling all crafters: Please read

    Hello crafty people!

    I was wondering if you would all be able to do me the huge favour of giving me a few minutes of your time to read about a proposal, and answer a few questions afterwards.

    A group of people and myself have come up with an idea we would very much like to put into practice and I have been asked to conduct some informal market research in the online crafting circles.

    As this is all still in the planning phases, at the moment I have just a brief outline:

    The Craft Centre.
    The Craft Centre will be a place to watch artists at work and learn the skills, tryout the and of course buy the products. It will provide a place of interest, education, relaxation and retail therapy.

    The main building (a large 16th century barn) will host regular events including craft and vintage fairs, auctions and flea markets. In addition to this will be a number of small individual workshops.

    The idea is that visitors who come to this venue will be able to visit each individual crafter/artist, watch them create their work, buy products from them directly and even attempt the craft themselves. Crafters/artists can choose how often and for how long they spend on site, but their products can be available for sale permanently.

    Artists and crafters may pay a membership fee of 20 a week to the Company, in return for the following.

    Share of workspace, machinery and tools (Rota basis).
    Share of the costs of producing their work.
    Permanent share of display and sales area.
    Shared representation on Company website with information, podcasts, online ordering and booking.
    Opportunities for group/bulk buying of materials and services.
    Share of the staffing duties in retail and support areas of The Craft Centre.
    Exhibitions at the Company site and publicity throughout the site, it's publicity, promotion and marketing activities.
    Opportunities to run classes, courses and demonstrations on site.
    Access to help with managing and running their individual businesses.
    Active involvement with and monitoring from the Company team.
    Community support from other members.
    Opportunities for casual work elsewhere within the Company.
    Childcare (Creche facilities on site).
    Overnight accommodation on site.
    A steady supply of local and destination visitors.
    The members of The Craft Centre set the prices of their goods to cover their costs.

    The Craft Centre is one part of the greater plan we have for this project. There are many other things on offer that will draw in a varied and busy customer base but, as mentioned above, this is still in the planning stages and so it is a little difficult to explain the rest fully.

    So my questions, if you are still reading, are these.

    1. Would you be interested in becoming a member of this venture?
    2. How far would you be willing to travel to take part in this project (bearing in mind that accommodation is on offer)?
    3. How often would you be prepared to travel to the site (assuming it is within the distance stated above)?
    4. How long would you be prepared to spend at the site? (Remember that workshops sharing is worked on a rota basis with whichever hours suit each artist best)
    4. How much of the offerings listed above appeals to you?
    5. Would you, as a member of this project, make use of the Creche?
    6. Would you, as a member of this project, make use of the online selling advantages offered?
    7. Would you be interested in running classes/courses/demonstrations?
    8. Would you be interested in group/bulk buying of materials and services?
    9. Any general thoughts on this project?

    Thank you so much for your time in reading and answering these questions, this information is priceless to us.

    If you are interested in following the progress of this project just let me know in your reply. =]

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