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    Importing listing from Etsy to other websites

    Hi everyone I'm Susie and I am very happy to be here among craft girls in this cute community!
    I make mostly jewlery but sometimes I also sew...then I'm Sewsie

    I have a question I wanted to ask..

    I was wondering, do you know any other website - besides and - where you can transfer your items from Etsy?
    On these websites it's completely free and very easy, are there any other websites like that?

    I mean, why not have your items on more websites if it doesn't cost you anything, right?

    Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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    wish I could help, but I don't know... hope to hear the answer myself
    btw. Sewsie that is so cute :3
    Silk scarves and scarfs - hand painted -

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    Hi Susie -

    I know there is a new site offering a limited number of free accounts. They are new and are going to be limiting the number of sellers to help ensure the success of each merchant. I signed up a few days ago and will be listing products in a few days. Once their free accounts are gone it is still only $10 per month flat rate. No listing fees and no commissions when you sell. The apparently have the ability to upload via csv file from other sites. Might be work checking them out. The site is

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    14 is good one. You can surely try it.

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    Thats a great idea Susiedee! More exposure = more sales. Have you tried having catalogs or line sheets of your products? This way whenever you have neighborhood events or gatherings you can show off your products and make money.


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