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    Post new. would love advice

    Hey everyone.
    Im melissa. I sell hand stamped jewelry. I want to make this a success.i have done well in my town but need to increase my online presence. How do you all go about doing this?

    I have an etsy site and instagram

    Id love your input

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    Hi Melissa,

    The stamped jewelry looks really cute!

    I have experience with online marketing and would love to help you out, but first it would be great to know what your specific goals are.

    Looking forward to hearing more. :-)

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    by posting it on your regional site may help .

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    Hey Melissa, Your hand stamped jewelry looks pretty nice! I think you should focus on promoting your Instagram account. You can do it yourself but I highly recommend using special services. They provide tools that help significantly grow your audience. Also you can buy $2 followers here or Instagram views.


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