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    Lightbulb Published a coloring book! Any creative craft ideas?


    I'm super excited to join the community here, and think it's really cool there is a place here to share your stuff
    I just published a coloring book "Mystical Journey" that has tons whimsical and curious illustrations, patterns, etc. (its a bit of a mix!)

    You can find the book on sale on amazon here:
    and some free coloring pages to print out and enjoy here:

    Despite love to put the book together, what I'd really love to do now is just the opposite...pull it all apart! I'd love to cut the different designs and patterns out and use them for crafty projects as custom-colored components. Originally I was thinking some coloring page origami, or maybe some fun collage or decoupage projects would be neat. But I'm not sure if I'm missing any really cool potential projects.
    Has anyone here ever tried crafting things out of coloring pages and would be able to share some ideas?

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    First, your designs are lovely! I was looking at the pages to print, and I thought that the one with the well would be pretty if you painted/colored it and then embellished it to make it 3-D. You could use beads on the little bubble-like designs, and outline areas with seed beads, add some embroidery floss for vines, trunks, the well itself, etc. Then, frame it as a shadow box with some miniatures sitting on the frame -- some small ceramic flowers, animals, etc.

    You could even set some of the large-holed beads from here on the shelf; they'd look sort of like little water pots.

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    I never made a book nor even thought of doing it so in terms of ideas, I really can't help. I wish I could think of things but I don't know what people like to see in books in terms of crafting.

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    I sometimes enjoy the pleasure of painting some drawing.

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    Your bottom tower has fallen!

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    Radiant wins


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