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    How do I use the API to check any email?

    How do I use the API to check any email ? Will the API be able to verify that the customer's addresses are correct ?

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    There are special services for checking the quality of email addresses. The Email Verification API service automatically detects whether the email address is valid or not, and helps you eliminate all disposable, fake, and sealed email addresses. If you ask your question in the search bar you will receive a list of such services
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    E- mail marketing is a good way to increase brand and business awareness in general. Many marketers use t in the work as a cold messaging mode. But if these messages are sent into the void then don't wait for the result.
    I work in the marketing department. Our company is engaged in sales. And customers are important to us. I fully understand that on how loyal the client will depend on the profit of the company.
    To check e-mail in work I use a service from the company proofy -
    This APIS checks your email address to help maintain a decent reputation in email services and protects our emails from spam. As a result, we can estimate the increase in demand for the company's goods

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    Thank you for the advice. I work for an insurance company and we often send out to our customers about new products in the company and other information. I think this will help clean up our mailing base.


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