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    ClothingChange Exchange: FREE CLOTHES/free expression

    Be a friend to this volunteer organised event. We need creative monsters to join us for our summer of '05 tour(see info below). Opportunities to get involved, produce art, and come on tour abound.

    For more info I would love to hear from you at, otherwise I invite you to join the newly created listserve at

    If you're into it, you're in. We bring the magic to you...

    Trish Denton
    Event Organizer

    ClothingChange Exchange
    “Making a change with a change of our clothes...”
    The ClothingChange Exchange is a colorful community event that offers all-ages fun in a creative atmosphere. In the spirit of an international bazaar, it attracts people from all walks of life to come together for trade. For this bazaar traders can clean out their closets to bring their worn and/or unconventional clothing. Vintage, homemade and independent garments are especially welcome, but the most integral idea of this sharing, caring event is to recycle used clothing in general.

    Traders can bring as few or as many pieces of clothing as desired. These pieces are used as currency to barter for new clothing from other traders. There’s only one rule of trade: No money may be exchanged.

    Clothing left at the end of the exchange can be taken back home or left at the event location. The remnants are bagged by volunteers and the event organizers, then donated to a local charity. Our organizers prefer to contribute to a charity organization within the neighborhood of each event, and try to steer clear of national charities that might sell the clothing in bulk to overseas exporters.

    To promote positive self-image and free expression there is a for-kicks clothing show that everyone is encouraged to participate in. Traders construct creative get-ups to model on their own body in a walk of confidence.

    “Objects have no meaning in themselves. Individuals give meanings and reality to them.”~ Clark Moustakas, Creativity and Conformity

    If attendees choose to do so, they may browse our education booth to obtain information on many clothing-centric topics of interest. Literature will be available with information on where our clothing comes from, where it goes when it’s gone, how to revitalize old clothing and so much more.

    The ClothingChange Exchange is a playful event, but is driven as a vehicle for positive social change. Organizers of the event act as delegates for involved non-profit organizations whose missions align with our philosophies. Together we address social issues relative to the fashion and apparel industries for the betterment of the lives affected by them. Our mission is to educate and provide advocacy for change where needed in these industries, with concentration on the following topics:

    o Positive Self-Image: We will challenge conventional standards of beauty imposed by the media and create awareness that fosters positive self-image, weight acceptance and public understanding of eating disorders
    o Environmental Ethics: We will suggest ways to live by reduce, reuse, and recycle principles to rid ourselves and our earth of unnecessary excess
    o Fair Trade: We will introduce alternatives to purchasing “sweatshop” goods and information on how to organize “sweatfree” purchasing policies in our communities
    o Responsible Consumption: We will inform on responsible consumer choices, the impact our purchasing habits, and demonstrate the power of our voices to influence corporate agendas
    o Cultural Acceptance: We will explore the ability to embrace personal and cultural differences by looking beyond one’s self to see that differences enhance identity, and oneness in identity promotes unity
    o Free Expression: We will offer a safe environment for the freedom to abandon received fashion to challenge gender, class and cultural boundaries that societal standards impose on an individual
    o Historic Preservation: We will educate on how to sustain the meaning and craft of traditional dress, maintain articles of clothing from the past and respect styles of an era as historic milestones rather than “out-of-date” fashion

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    This is great, I'll be e-mailing you!

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    HOw? Where?

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    yes where?

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    coast to coast

    if you want to get involved, you can from anywhere. it's all free, so we need help. correspondence is a powerful tool...people who show dedication and have the skills needed for touring, will be asked to join us on the road. if you want to participate or be the host/hostess in your town, we will see you in:

    bangor, me
    portland, me
    boston, ma
    new york, ny
    providence, ri
    baltimore, md
    washington dc
    louisville, ky
    st louis, mo
    denver, co
    san francisco, ca
    eugene, or
    seattle, wa
    missoula, mt
    minneapolis, mn
    madion, wi
    iowa city, iowa
    chicago, il
    deroit, mi

    these are tenative points on the route for the summer 05 tour. between then and now, we can book east coast fairly easily, as we are based in VT.
    if you want us to come to your town, just suggest it. i invite you to join our listserve at
    for updates and info. there are pictures & links at the site for your enjoyment.

    thanks for your interest!!!

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    oh yes, we also have a few dates booked in VT in february. if you want to check it out, you're always welcome to crash my place. dates will be on listserve soon. ~T


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