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    Retouching scanned photos

    As I have many scanned photos, Actually scanned b/w and colour films as well as slides. Iíve been looking for ways to improve the quality of the scans. Iíve been using the free (but very old... 2002 I believe?) Polaroid Dust and Scratch remover first, then imported the pictures in Photoshop Elements (just upgraded to the 2020 version). I usually remove some additional scratches in the embedded Dust and scratch remover, adjust colours, contrast, etc. Then I remove some noise with the free (yes, I like free stuf...) Dfine 2. However, when I try to sharpen the image, the noise get bad, undoing the noise removal from the previous step. I downloaded the trial versions of Topaz Denoise AI and Sharpen AI, but I am quite disappointed (they seem to do a better job with digital picture though) with the results. Any suggestion for finding the right balance between sharpens and noise removal?

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    Technically you can do that, but the quality isn't going to be the same! I've worked for a while in a photo bureau; our main activity was restoring old pictures. As you can guess, I know a thing or two about photo retouching service. As long as you don't intend to print those photos in large sizes, I don't see why you're worried about that. It's cool that you'll have old pictures stored somewhere on a cloud. If I were you, I wouldn't bother so much to retouch them (unless they are super important to you, of course.)


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