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    Diplaying my crafts for photographing.

    I am a few weeks from having my boutique up and running. I'm simply waiting on a new USB cable to arrive in the mail to take photos of my wares for sale.

    Here's what I need from you.... ideas on how to display it. I don't have any wig heads or dummies. I want it to look professional and showcase how very splendid that the work is.

    I have the following to display

    -pins (brooches)
    -one inch buttons

    Should I just model them myself against a bare wall in my house???

    Please... flood me with ideas, I'm doing this ALL myself and the idea center in my brain is starting to fizzle concerning this subject.

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    I'd advise against using yourself to model. It will complicate photo selection for you. What you need is the best possible display of the item. Human models in general will complicate things.

    One site I've visited in the last year used a bone china vase with a shapely neck to display stuff. Simple but effective.

    Your lighting has to be very good. People don't want to browse for more views if they can't see the item in your first pic.

    I bought a cheap velour blanket to use as a photo backdrop for some stuff I wanted to sell. Smoothe, non wrinkly, matte.

    You could make an armature of a balloon and some wire for a set of shoulders, neck and head, and then drape that with cream or black velvet, fleece or velour. But I'd probably papier mache it first.

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    This may be a weird bias of mine, but I usually don't like looking at pictures where it looks like they're taken in the home. This is probably some residual fashion magazine expectations I carry around with me.

    To me, the more anonymous the pictures are (like, not you, not your home), the better.

    Make sure there's enough light and it's close enough so that people don't have to question the detail of the piece.

    I think if you really wanted to use models, use more than just yourself, grab some friends, husband, husband's friends, neighbors. A wide variety of people can be interesting.

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    When I buy things based on a picture, I really prefer to see them on a person... things like clothes and hats. That way I can see how they hang, and get a better idea of dimensions. I think with the scarves and hats, a human model would be a good idea. maybe with the bracelets too, if they're large or cuff like.
    that's just me and my buying preferences...

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    I saw some really good pictures once that involved real models. They were outside and photographed so you couldn't see their faces. I prefer the natural lighting because some colors are really different with harsh artificial lights.

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    greeat ideas ladies!!! Thanks a ton! I think I'll try taking them outside!!

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    Ooh, if you've got earrings it might be cool to see them hung over a tree branch.


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