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    How do you all have such awesome websites???

    I'm so impressed! All of your websites are so amazing! Do you use dreamweaver? Flash? Do you just hire out someone else to build your site for you?? I'm new to the "business" side of crafting and am trying to build up a product base to sell. You all have inspired me so much, I would love to have my own website in the future but I'd like one that's hip, professional and represents my personality and product well, as all of your webstites do. Anything you have to share about how you went about building your site would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you so much!

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    My husband is my webmaster;) He used flash and a mac, eventhough he specializes in Photoshop and After Effects . It took quite a few meetings at the computer to get what I wanted it to look like and how he thought it should run. Easy navigation is important !

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    i make my graphics for both of my sites and i try to make it as simple and cool as i can because i know a over the top site isnt me ..

    Good luck in the future !


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