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    "Making it" through crafting?

    I noticed that many of you have websites where you sell crafted goods or crafting supplies. Do all of you make a living doing this, or do most of you have other jobs or a significant other that pays the rent?

    Also, do you have any suggestions for someone (like myself) who would like to set up a similar website? Any books I should read or sites I should visit?


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    The book "Small Time Operator" is a great reference for all things small business. Also, just poking around at sites you like is a great way to learn how people go about thier business and may help you get some ideas. Good luck!

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    it takes alot of work to get it the point of living off it. plus you can't just rely on selling through the site. most of the women on here also sell to stores, have booths at events, do pr, etc...

    it's hard work but worth it! i'd say keep some kind of job until you feel 100% ready you can live off of it and then be ready to do it 24/7!

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    I have a full-time job doing PR for a hospital (which funds my side craft business). I'd love to do crafty stuff full time, but it's just not economically feasible! But it helps that local stores carry my products and I also do craft shows...these drive traffic to my site.

    In terms of setting up your own website, I agree with the previous poster who suggested looking at other crafty sites. The people who frequent have amazing sites!


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