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    Needing input severely! :D (complete with pictures booyah)

    Hey craft mavens of the world^^ I just recently got my start making bags and am wanting to start selling them, I just really have no idea for how much, or even if people would want them... eh heh So I'd absolutely LOVE some input from all of you! Thanks so much!

    Tell me what you think^^ And sorry the pics are so massive!! I didn't have time to resize...-.-

    First experiment in purse making, none too wonderful, but I think its cute.. eh heh.

    Just a green shoulder bag, delightfully tacky if I do say so myself

    My most favorite, the one I use on a daily basis, nice big shoulder hobo bag, lined with the same material as the heart

    my most recent, just a simple tote, lined with the blue material the accent circles are made from

    Another one of my favorites, and my 2nd bag. Lined with a bright fuscia, and made from one of my old t-shirts^^

    A small simple hand bag, made from a canvas material, lined with the accent pink color

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    these are nice you need to work on it and practice but other wise they are really nice, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT~!~!~!~

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    I think $10-$15 is a good price, what I would pay. The bingo bag is my favorite! The green and blue is second... why not make a ton of the bingo bag, make it your "signature" piece, the retro t-bag? I think its your strongest design... and consider your fabric choices, too, some of those are cool looking and fun, but just not right for everyday use, like the first and second... tho both of those DESIGNS are ok.... see where I'm going? It has to be a good design with the right fabrics in order to make a servicable bag people will want to carry. That's why the Bingo bag works... but you didn't ask about that eeep! my love to ya! You will be a sucess if you want to be, so keep pluggin away!

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    I think they are great! I really like the first one, the bingo bag, and the pink stripe. They would go for about 20-30 dollars in San Francisco, if the workmanship is good. Lots of competion in the one of a kind handbag field I've noticed, but that doesn't stop anyone from bringing out more new stuff, which is what people want constantly, more more more. There is always room for one more. Follow your dream, become obsessive, it will pay off. Be open to new ideas. - my two cents.

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    I agree that the retro t-shirt bag is your strongest design, because it's unusual. I would pay $30 to $40 for one, but I'm seeing silk-screened canvas totes for $35, so perhaps you would get more for the t-shirt bag.


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