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    feeback please (pretty please!)


    My website went online yesterday. I would really appreciate some feeback/criticism. For example, what annoyed you? How was the navigation? Did the site look strange to you (i.e- didn't suit your screen size)? Or was there something you liked? (note the slightly pathetic optimisim.)

    My URL is (or click the sig).

    Thanks a million,
    Mother Dearest.

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    The idea sounds great. Do you have some designers lined up yet?

    I like the colors and the comic book imagery. The front page loads into something way too wide for my screen (which is not small...) and I had to scroll down and right to view it all. I think I found all that was clickable, but the key word there is found: it wasn't all that obvious, mostly because web designers sometimes like to hide their links. But I liked that i could view the FAQ in the box next over.

    And then of course, there's not much content on site yet.

    Good luck!

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    i agree... i don't like having to scroll across. scrolling down is not as bad. the whole scrollbar is pink, and it would be nice to see where the little bar is.

    i too, like the comic book imagery. very unique!

    bold or underline your links. i.e. "download the application form."

    in the "contact" section, when you mouse over one of the contact links, it turns pink and blends into the background.

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    Hello :)

    Hello Mother Dearest,

    Congratulations! You have a beautiful site! I love the name Ka-pow! Your site has wonderful images and the colors are great too. The design is very easy on the eyes, you just want to look at everything.

    I'm a writer - so I am going to ask you a writer-y question. I love the comic strip opening you have - it is very eye catching and I haven't seen a store online use this - so it is different and very stylish. In the last comic strip scene there is information about the "seedy world of Ka-pow" and then the character facing lawsuits because she has revealed the name of the store. There aren't any images of the clothing you sell - but is 'seedy' the word to describe the image you are looking for? I can't tell.

    It is a great website and congratulations on opening your store. I have 2 zines and I am happy to mention your store in my zine for our September issue (you open September 1st.... right?)

    :) Abigail

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    Thanks to everybody for the feedback!

    I have had a few applications. I don't know if I'll consign them or not as the sites only been up for three days, so I want to have a look at all the applications before I make a decision.

    Abigail, I would love to be feautred in your zine! The boutique opens on September 25th to customers. If you need to talk to me email Seedy isn't actually the type of work I'm looking for! It was a toss up between "seedy" and "the murky underworld". I love the word "seedy" and I thought it would be a pretty funny way to describe the site as it's anything but seedy.

    I do get what everybody is saying about the scrolling issue. I thought about re-designing the layout once the store is open. It'll have the same theme but you wont have to scroll across. I'll also try and make the site compatible for all screen resolutions. I was going to make the scrollbars transparent, but this can only be done in frames :/ But I'll probably change the colour of it, so it's easier to use.

    Again, thank you to everyone for your feeback. It's been very helpful!

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    I know this post may be closed by now, but I can't stress enough the importance of making your links stand out, whether by underlining or changing their color slightly or something. I didn't have the patience to wander around the screen looking for the cursor arrow to change to a hand. And only when LizzyM mentioned them in this post did I realize there were indeed links on the page. Without obvious links, the page looks flat.

    I also didn't know where to look first on the page because there's no defined starting point (such as a page title). Additionally, the comic strip and your content strip are so close in size, they compete for attention and confuse the eye.

    You mentioned you were considering hiding the scrollbars...I suggest you not. It seems that you designed the site for a screen larger than 1024x768. What if someone isn't viewing at that resolution? They wouldn't be able to scroll around and see what's not immediately on screen.

    I do like the comic book feel of the layout and I LOVE the illustrations. But at this point, I think if a user happened upon your site they wouldn't know immediately that they were in a beauty boutique, which may send some away.

    I hope only to give you ideas to improve, I can tell that style is important to you because of this unique layout. My suggestions are sort of all over the place, I hope they help a little bit. And one more thing I swear, get it up and working exactly right BEFORE you go live in September!!

    And WOW, as a web designer myself, I like to see how people construct their websites (using css, or tables, etc) and I noticed the friendly little warning in your code...does your mama know you talk like that!? ;)



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