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    Hi, I'm not sure if this got posted anywhere else around getcrafty but...

    The other night I was listening to the BBC World Business Report on our NPR station (in the US) and they were talking about the future of online shopping. Etsy got mentioned! Apparently the ability to sort items by color for browsing was very appealing to the people who produced the story, a big improvement over most online stores' adherence to the "shopping cart" and other parallels to real-life shopping experiences. Neato.

    I think it was either January 4 or January 5, not sure...


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    i heart etsy!

    that's great! i stumbled upon etsy in october and started a little store the day before's an amazing site and i've had so much fun selling stuff on there...a lot of bartering goes on too which is's like an non-stop online craft fair community!

    i think the neatest thing for me on etsy is...there are lots of craftistas on there that i admire and i have them in my favourites and i look at their stuff all the time and buy their stuff quiet a bit too....well, when they buy stuff from me and tell me how much they like it, that's pretty freaking cool!!


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