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    starting out selling

    I made a mobile out of origami for my friends first baby, and at the shower 3 people asked me if I sold them, and a family friend actually made me an offer to make her one, which I have. I got another request from a friend of my mom's just last week, though we havenít discussed price or timing. Now I'm thinking I should actually start trying to sell them. Any advice on starting out, mistakes to avoid, good resources ect, how to figure out pricing?

    Thanks Ladies


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    That's exciting! It sounds like you are onto something special. I would love to see some pictures!

    Well, the obvious suggestion is to start selling them on Etsy.

    There's no cost to set up a shop, and it only costs 20Ę to list each item for 4 months. Plus you would be reaching an audience of buyers who are specifically looking for handmade items.

    The toughest part (in my opinion) is setting prices. First, be honest with yourself with how much time it takes you to make one of your mobiles and how much the materials cost. Also, look around on Etsy and see if anybody is selling anything similar to give you an idea of what people are willing to pay for such things. But resist the temptation to undersell your competition! Your time and workmanship is valuable.

    Another good thing about selling on Etsy is it gives you a chance to get some feedback, and you can fine-tune your product. For example if you sell more in a certain color then you know that's what people like the most. And maybe you'll get requests for variations you hadn't thought of.

    Then the next step would be to open your own web site or to sell wholesale to shops or to sell at craft shows... There are a lot of different directions to go with it.

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    Thanks for the tips. I am finding the pricing fairly intimidating, I think I under value my work. Plus taking money is just weird somehow. How much over materials is reasonable, and what is my time worth are questions I am still figuring out. I'll check around for similar hand made mobiles.

    Thanks again


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