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    Promo opportunity on my website!

    This is from last year (last yr)

    My shop MAUstudio will have its 3rd birthday in October. I did this last year and some of the 20 participants said it got them some sales and brought them traffic, but I can't guaranteed though. Here what I need, I'm doing this a little differently:

    I will have a page set up on my website where people can fill out a form and give me a link to one of the items from shops that are participating. Your shop will each get a small banner link to your website. This giveaway will go on throughout the whole month of October. So, it's like free advertising on my website for a month.

    Last year it wasn't required to give a link and I limited to one entry per person per week and limited to US only. I have prizes for each week of the month, and one big one at the end of the month. The way I do it this year should be much better. I will allow multiple entries and international entries. Each week will still have a winner, so there will 5 total winners in October.

    You can choose to send 1 or more items:
    send 1 item that will go in the mega giveaway only (min. $15) or
    send 5 items to go in all 5 giveaways (min. $5 each)
    send me a list of the price for each item
    send promo like business cards, stickers, buttons, small samples etc. (optional)
    banner (I will let you know what size later, if you don't have one I can make one for you)

    If you are interested, please let me know and email me at I will need everything by September 27th, 2008. Giveaway starts October 1st, 2008.

    Please spread the word and let other crafters, designers, artists know...!

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