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    New Crafty Business needs a name!

    Hello Everyone!

    I came here hoping to get some ideas from you about good names for a crafty business.

    I suppose the best way to get started is to tell you a bit about what I do and why:

    I am a recent college grad who loves to make things. I crochet, knit, weave, cook, make beauty supplies (like bath bombs and scrubs), garden, sew, embroider, cross stitch, quilt, make cards, stamp, glitter, emboss, use a staple and hot glue gun, modpodge, etc. I try, whenever possible, to recycle and reuse every day items. I use old glassware as pots, and old sheets as my fabric. I would also like to be able to afford to give some of my proceeds to local charitable organizations.

    I don't know if it is possible to encompass all that in a name, but I want to use something that has all those feelings in it.... if that makes any sense at all.

    Please shout name ideas out, even if you are not sure if they are 'just right' and I will be eternally grateful

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    Hello bisoux whats in a name!?
    firstly I would ask what kind of things do you like/ interest you ! some times an image or words comes to mind .... without seeing your style of work and knowing you as a person its not easy to come up with some input ,but to say you are selling yourself as much as you sell your designs so what do you think when you think of yourself!

    If you do lots of different crafts do not limit your name /brand by adding the type of craft you do for example I myself do many different crafts illustration, sewing, knitting,jewelery,polymer clay, cardmaking,stained glass the list goes on . I chose the name pippinsnest but without a description of all/any the crafts I can do!

    If you are thinking of selling online check to see if your business name comes up, the least amount of hits you have the easlier it will be for people to find you and your design!

    I hope some of this has been helpful, goodluck x

    however what about your username? is it your surname?? because its usual ! and people would remember it !x

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    I was thinking something like "Knit Bomb" or "Knit-nack" like a nicknack... get it

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    Try a name that is unusual or even a bit weird.
    Your username is good.
    Remember google is a great name now but at the time was seriously weird.
    Something that catches peoples attention

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    Sassy crafts


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