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    Making Things into hanging lamps

    Over the years I've accumulated a couple of articles about reconditioning items (like old ceramic bowls) into hanging lamps. And now that my dad has given me his old Black and Decker drill and Cost Plus sells basic lamp kits, I'm thinking about going to some thrift stores to find some objects for making lamps.

    Has anybody tried this? Recommendations for drill settings? I've been browsing on Craftster but there doesn't seem to be any kind of articles about how to do this.

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    I hope someone with more knowledge comes forward...

    For drilling ceramics, you'll want a special drill bit. I know I have one, but damn if I can remember what it is. Anyhow, a bit of putty placed over the spot where you want the hole will help the drill bite in. You might want to water cool the area, say if it's a thick piece you could possibly put it in the utility sink with water trickling over the drill spot and just go really slow. I've used my battery drill because that one I can control better. I did not water cool, but did give it a rest every now and then.

    Wear glasses and dust mask if you have them.

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    We have been collecting things like colanders etc for ages so we can do a lamp...but yet to drill into one.



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