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    Need To Make...

    For my b/f's birthday I'm doing a little scavenger hunt... Each hint will consist of a picture of something/place significant in our realtionship and something "useful" (i.e. photo mounting tape, b&w film, guitar string ---he's a photographer & musician)---with a balloon tied to it, so he doesn't have to spend hours looking for the stuff. :) The final destination is a "living room picnic" at my house. It's not elaborate but I want to make a little "book" to slide the pictures into, so he can keep them. I'll only need four or five pages, so don't want to buy a whole mini-album.

    I can pretty well figure out how to make the pages, I just can't figure out what to do to make them suitable for displaying the pictures... if that makes sense?

    Any ideas anyone???


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    do you mean how to make the pages so you can slide in the photos? What about that foam stuff? I think you can buy it by the sheet at any craft store(Michaels, Hobby Lobby). Cut to size(like a frame), adhere to page leaving one side open to slide photo in, bind like a book. Actually, binding at the top so it flips open might work better. Or maybe you can just use precut mats from the framing dept, but those might be a bit costly. Maybe make your own out of heavy cardstock?
    Either way, you could then write something meaningful or decorate however you wish. I'm not sure about that foam stuff - I've never used it.
    Good luck!


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