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    beginner knitting question

    i'm knitting my first hat for someone with a kind of small head (but adult-sized). what length of circular needle should i be using, 16"? and is there a general consensus on bamboo versus metal needles? last question: does anyone know a good place to buy needles online? thanks!

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    -16" will be fine, but you will need a set of double-pointed needles to close the top of the het, unless you plan on gathering it.
    -no. it's a personal preference. i prefer bamboo for slippery yarns and Bryspun or casein in general.
    - is a fine website for buying needles.

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    The only requirement for a circular needle (in general) is that it be smaller than the circumference of the item you're knitting. This is because it's possible to bunch up the stitches on the needle as you go, but you can't stretch them farther apart.

    That's also why you'll need double-pointed needles to decrease and finish off the top of the hat. There are techniques to get around having to use double-points, like a "magic loop" (stupid corny name that makes it sound more difficult than it is) or using two circular needles. But it's really not that hard to use DPNs for that one little bit of the hat, so you might as well invest in them.

    As far as what kind of needles to get, I swear by Denise interchangeable needles. You can make them either circular or straight, in almost any size and length you'll ever need. They're one of the best craft investments I ever made.

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    The last hat I knit, I used a pair of Aero circular needles, 60cm long.

    Metal vs. bamboo needles is definitely a matter of preference. I've always used either plastic or metal needles, and I definitely prefer metal. However, not all metal needles are equal. I've found Aero's metal needles to be the smoothest, most durable around. I bought almost one of each size/length available from Needlecrafts Online.

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    I Just finished my first hat - after having the circulars and dpn's for so long, but being completely intimidated by them. It was not nearly as hard as I though it would be - in fact it was really fun.

    I used metals for the circular and bamboo for the dpns - because that's what I had, but I really liked the way it worked out. I was much more paranoid about the stitches slipping off the dpns, so it was nice that they were much less slippery.


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