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    Pastel Mural on nursery wall - help

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this belongs here...Its my first time on any forum...

    We are expecting our first child and I am looking at doing a mural on the wall in pastels. My idea would be to draw (in soft pastels, not oil pastels) and fix it using a fixative spray, then maybe some form of clear varnish.

    Is this a stupid idea? I dont want to spend days preparing it, then find out that it just smudges or wipes straight off...

    Thanks for any advice.

    By the way, the mural will be a series of nursery rhyme characters...

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    First off, congrats on your first little huddle of joy. Secondly, it's not a stupid idea. I understand not wanting to put the time and energy into a project that might flop. I have never done a mural using the medium that your talking about and because of that I can't tell you that it's going to work. I can say that I have done many murals with acrylic paint and they have always turned out beautifully. I hope that you do what you think is best and will show off your results. I would love to see them. Please drop by my FB page Motherhood- What The BLEEP Am I Doing, and let me know how It went or just to check out whatever DIY projects I have going on that might inspire you. Good luck.


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