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    knitting forums/blogs

    So, what are the best forums for knitting out there?

    I've spent some time on the forums. Folks are always helpful! But I'm curious to know what else is out there. I'm also pretty familiar with all the LiveJournal communities (I've got a journal over there -- my username is ebess).

    While I'm at it, what are your favorite knitting blogs?

    Thank you!

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    58 has wonderful forums. has decent forums (look for the coffeeshop link at the top of the page to reach them). is great on general principle.

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    Well, thereís the infamous Knitlist (, which is an email based list (although you can view it online at Yahoo groups instead of getting individual emails). It has a LOT of posts for an email list, and it eventually annoyed me enough to switch to an online-only subscription, which I never read.

    For blogs, thereís a whole webring (, but Iíve gotten a ton of information from Chicknits ( which Iíve read for a long time. She updates daily, which is nice for a blog, and although she does sell stuff, she blogged for a long time without charging for patterns, so itís not just a sideline on a commercial site.


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    Ohhh! I know rratstar! Knitlist is crazy with e-mails!! I joined because I wanted to find Pennsylvania knitters. Cripe! I didn't check my e-mail one day and I had 77 messages. I don't have time for that! Wish I did!

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    I have a favourites list as long as athena's, but actually we overlap a lot, so I'll just add a few more:

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    Good HEAVENS, are there ever a lot of knitting blogs....



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