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    custom needlepoint help?!

    Has anyone ever made a pattern from a picture? I really want to make gifts using pictures of friends' pets (I'm pretty "pet obsessive" myself) so I'd really like to make personal gifts. I don't mind paying for the customized templates as long as they are worth while... My background is much more in cross stitch than needlepoint but I kind of feel needle point will make for a better, easier, more detailed end product. I'm looking to make finished framed portraits that are about 3" rouund/square.

    I found a website with advice for printing thru an inkjet (by googling "custom needlepoint pattern", and some $80 Macstitch software. honestly, I'm looking for an easy fix--any and all tips are welcome.


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    Could you scan the photo and then print on iron-on paper? If you're going to embroider over it you wouldn't see the iron-on, plus the iron-on might stabilize the fabric.

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    I got a program that turns pictures into patterns for $9.99 at Comp USA, but of course it's for PCs, so I can't use it on my darling mac. But still, it's a good price.
    & I know they've talked about how to do it on craftster. Here's 1 thread:
    But there might be better ones out there. I haven't tried it with photoshop myself. I actually haven't tried out my program yet, either... so I can't tell you how well it works!
    But if you can't get it to work, you can pm me, & maybe you can email me your pictures, & I can send you back a pattern.... or I can TRY anyhow!

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    Good needlepoint canvas does not accept iron on transfers well.
    For maximum detail, you'll need to buy 18 gauge canvas (18 strands to the inch).
    Your best bet will be to take these small pictures of your friends pets and paint them onto the canvas using acrylic craft paints. It's not that hard and it lasts the longest.
    Only use black sharpies to draw on the canvas first - the colored versions bleed over time or if they come in contact with alcohol.

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    Since you can't use the injet iron on paper could you use the canvas that you can use in your printer. I know I've seen it at office supply stores and Best Buy. Don't know what gauge it is but it seems like it would be worth checking out.


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