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    Can anyone give me craft ideas for a christmas present?

    My girlfriend always gives me these really cute handmade cards and letters and artsy things for the holidays (Valentines day, christmas, birthday)
    But I never do it back. I just buy her stuff.
    This year I want to top it though.
    My idea is basically "Christmas in a box"

    I want to get a big box, like 3x3 feet.
    I want it to be wrapped in purple wrapping paper because that's her favorite color.
    I want a bow on top of it.
    Thats all I can think of for the outside.

    But then when she opens up the box, I want there to be a christmas stalking hanging on one side of the box filled with kit kats because thats her favorite candy.
    Her phone is old. She says its fine but I dont think so. So I'm getting her a new phone.
    I want to tape the phone(while its still inside the box it came with) to the bottom of the box and wrap it in a bow.
    She likes lotion, and she likes purple. So I want to get her lavender scented lotion and bath beads.
    I wrote her a letter and what I want to do with that is staple a piece of construction paper to another side of box that hasn't been occupied yet. Like a sleeve to hold the card and the letter. And next to the sleeve on each side would be some kind of flowers or something. Probably not flowers since that seems more appropriate for valentines day. But what else then?
    This is all I have so far.
    I don't know how to make it look more neat. I feel like the box needs something more aesthetically pleasing on the inside so it doesnt look like a plain cardboard box.
    I dont want her to open it and have it look like I just threw a bunch of crap into a box and gave it to her either.
    I want it to look organized and neat.
    What else can I do to make it look more creative?
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    For the note that you wrote her it could be cute to make a homemade envelope. I used to make them when I was younger and they aren't too hard to do. You can get Christmas paper and do so, so that way the note isn't stapled to a side of a box.
    For on the side of each sleeve, you can put either her favorite flower, or some cute little mistletoe.
    As far as other homemade Christmas ideas you can always make an ornament set for her, or a homemade hot coco set, or make her some candles in mason jars, ( i cant post pictures of these ideas since i havent had ten posts yet but if you go to pinterest and search DIY christmas ideas youll find a lot of options)

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    You could decorate the entire inside of the box with paper, pictures, quotes, etc. If you look up christmas care packages on pinterest you'll find some awesomely decorated ones. I know you want to stick with purple, but these might give you ideas for a layout or what to include and you can change it to fit your box.

    Also, if you want each item to have a spot in the box you could write notes about each item on the box itself and include cute doodles around the item or arrows pointing. If you are not much into drawing or doodling you can print out images and glue them on.


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