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    Costume question: what material will jiggle like Jello?

    Sorry to bust in here needing help, but i figured this would be the place where y'all would know what to do.

    We've got a group "Jello" costume being made, and most of it is taken care of convincingly with bright clothing and box cut-outs and hats. What's missing though is something that we can add to the costume that will actually JIGGLE like jello. It's not like we can super-glue actual jello onto our hats, unfortunately.

    What material or item could work? All i can think of is the kind of plastic used to make gag-joke fake vomit, which is still too firm, and i wouldn't even know where to find that.

    Anyone have an idea? Thanks for thinking about it!

    p.s. In case you're thinking "that's the stupidest costume ever", i should add that we're a symphony orchestra cello section, so there is a built-in joke about being the jello section. So even if we look ridiculous...

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