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    Need an idea to keep mothers busy on thanksgiving

    I generally host Thanksgiving at my house. The attendees change as the kids grow up but my Mother and Mother-in-law are constants. We occasionally have a teenager or two to join in but no guarantees. I have always tried to have a busy craft for them to do while the men rush off to watch football. It's usually a little something they can give as Christmas gifts to their friends. They have both downsized and don't want much stuff and most of their friends are agreeing to not exchange gifts. They are both crafty and need a little busy work after the kitchen work is done. Any ideas how to keep their hands and minds busy for a couple hours? Maybe even something that could be donated.... Or possibly a single craft that all can contribute to. I'm drawing a blank this year. I appreciate any ideas. Thank you!!
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    What about having them make bottle cap refrigerator magnets? They're fast, dry fast and make great gifts! You can even repurpose altoid containers as gift boxes (a set of 6 will fit). All you need are bottle caps, e-6000 glue, neodymium magnets (the smallest ones), epoxy resin stickers, a 1" circle paper punch (use that Michael's coupon!), glossy photo paper and images. I get all my images on etsy but you can make your own with an editor like I like for supplies. Contact me for tips if you decide to do this, I'd be happy to help!

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    Hi there, photo album can be the best option which contains good collection of photos.

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    Hi there, Last thanks giving day I gift her smartphone.


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