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    How To Make A Tutu Dress

    How To Make a Tutu Dress Tutorial!

    First, make sure you start with all the necessary supplies!

    Take a piece of crochet by the yard, and measure according to the person you are making it for.

    You will then sew the ends together to form the body of the dress.

    If you don't already have one, I suggest using a mannequin for a simpler process.

    The next step is cutting Tulle for the length you would like the dress. I am doing a 22" dress. When cutting, ensure you double the desired amont x2, then add 2".

    Once the Tulle is cut, starting at the middle of the tulle, loop the end through the crochet and fasten.

    You will go all the way around the first row until complete.

    Next you will do the second row (above row 1)

    Straps will be needed for the shoulders to hold the dress on. Measure the subject and cut ribbon accordingly

    Sew the ribbon to the crochet, both front and back.

    The shoulder straps will end up looking like this

    Next you will hot glue flowers around the base of the tulle, then stitch to secure.

    In the end you will have a beautiful dress, any young girl will love!

    All supplies purchased from

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