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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Kolby Klassen, and I am a BBA student at TRU. Myself, another TRU student, and his younger brother who is in high school have created a way to increase the dwindling global bee population while providing a 100% natural product!

    For every 100% pure beeswax candle purchased, Beez Pleez contributes 20 new honey bees to local bee farms! Whether it be our Glass beeswax candles, or our awareness bracelets, we will donate 20 honeybees to our partnered beekeepers to increase the local bee population.

    Just 20 bees?! They don't say busy as a bee for nothing! 20 bees is enough to visit 100,000 flowers per day!

    How exactly? Well, we have partnered with local family bee farms who are just as passionate as us. A portion of the proceeds from EVERY purchase goes directly towards funding additional bee hives, to house the contributed bees. We then work with regional bee keepers who supply us with what are called 'nucs'. These nucs can be several thousand bees and a queen, which can then be nurtured and supported in our hives until maturity, when they've grown into full healthy colonies. So for each purchase, honey bees are funded towards our ecological farms, which will effectively increase the endangered honey bee population.


    If you want to learn more about our cause, we have a video on our campaign, and on facebook below. Even if you are not interested in purchasing a beeswax candle, feel free to share this video, as we will donate one additional honeybee to local bee farms with every share + You'll be entered to win a $55 beeswax candle pack!
    Its a great cause, free, and would help us out A LOT! ntainer_type=0&video_creator_product_type=2&app_id =2392950137&live_video_guests=0

    If you have any questions I would love to have a discussion,
    Thanks everyone!

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