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    Resin door knobs (also question about possible chemical reaction)

    Hi, ladies!

    Recently I found a really interesting project and decided to share it with you.
    Just look at these!

    project by Anita. I hope it's OK to share it.

    She uses plastic balls as moulds, epoxy resin and old charms, keys, beads and whatever you can find in your house.
    I believe you can even use dried flowers which would be perfect for a girlish bedroom, for instance.
    Like, your fantasy is the limit. And that's what I like about this project.

    Actually, I'm not that experienced when it comes to molding. The question is - may I use any kind of balls for such molding? I checked out some sources and - according to them - most of balls are made from polymer.
    As far as I know there's no difference between resin and polymer, but as it's better be safe than sorry I'd like to ask whether it's OK to use them.
    Won't there be any chemical reaction?
    Do we have any threads about resin jewelry or anything like this?

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    Do we have any threads about resin jewelry or anything like this?


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