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    headpin question for jewelry makers

    Sometimes when I'm using a headpin the little silver ball pops off. This happens about every 1 in 20 pins or so. Is this normal or do I have crappy headpins? Does this happen to you? Mine are sterling silver.

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    this happens to me as well, I try to not put so much tension and give myself a little space between the bead/item that is near the bottom when I am working with the pins.. It mainly happens when I work with decorative Bali silver head pins... the cheapie regular bottomed headpins seem to be the most realiable, as there is no real need for soldering.. or casting.. or how ever they attach that ball, or decorative ending.

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    Yeah, I, too, find that the cheap headpins work best. The sterling silver ones tend to be too soft.

    Go figure...


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