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Thread: making cards

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    making cards

    I want to start making greeting cards and I'm wondering about the process. Do most people get them printed, and if so, where. Or do people just hand cut and fold and paint images on? And what about envelopes? I really like the look of handmade cards, but they'd be really hard to mass produce, I think...

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    I make my own cards for the most part, and supplement when I don't have time from Hallmark.

    I usually buy the cut and folded cards with envelopes, and use "scrapbooking" type supplies (rubber stamps, stickers, vellum, papers, eyelets, etc) to embellish and create them. If I need an envelope from one I made from cardstock, I make the maching envelope.

    People really enjoy getting home crafted cards, and that is part of the fun!

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    I've been making cards for the past three years or so - and I've found that doing the design portion of the card on a separate piece of cardstock and then adhering that design to an actual card (I use clear, self-adhesive photo corners to do this) saves a lot of time and keeps you from throwing away cards if you end up making a mistake. I've attached a photo that hopefully shows this...
    buying cards (especially if you want to sell them) can get pricey so doing the work on inexpensive card stock scraps is helpful - it also allows for the removal of the "artwork" of the piece so someone could frame what you have designed without keeping the personal card on display...

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    I make cards for friends and family, so use card stock and glue/glue/draw directly onto it. I normally do a test run first on scrap paper to get an idea of design.

    I buy envelopes from Officeworks (large stationery chain store) - easier than making my own. But most of the time I don't even use envelopes, just attach the card to the gift.

    I guess if you were looking to make bulk batches to sell things would be different but for me it is a hobbie and a nice way of showing extra care and thought when giving people cards.

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    I use these blank index cards that are 4.25x5.5 in. I got them at my local craft store and they're pretty cheap. I usually use magazine cutouts that I just glue on and you can leave it like that but I usually get them copied onto glossy cardstock and cut them out with my trusty xacto. It's pretty cheap. :) --If you want them to be two sided cards instead of postcards, I saw some people use colored electric tape to tape two cards together.


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