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Thread: sewing machine

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    sewing machine

    hey does anyone have a sewing machine they want to sell? i have one but its not so good. maybe i should just get a new one for my birthday...any good products you've experienced?

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    i use a brothers xl-3022 and it works pretty well. it depends on what features you want and such. someday i'm gonna get a serger...

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    find a Singer 401 or 403 at a thrift store. they're the best damn sewing machines in the world. they're a slant-needle type from the 70's. they are not portable, and usually come mounted in the table they came in. my mom bought my 401A (i still need to finish repairing the table, but the machine is in great shape) at the "recycletown" at our dump for $10. they are durable, dependable, great machines. most of them don't do fancy stitches (just straight and zigzag) but you can find pattern wheels for the 401A at thrift stores sometimes.


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