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    I want to make these....

    but have no experience with dinnerwear at all :)

    What kind of paint can you use? After painting you would have to glaze it right? Anyone have any instructions?

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    i have been coveting these, too...any info would be great!

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    From the info on that site and my own limited ceramics experience, looks like they sand them down to get a porous surface, then "paint" with underglaze, then glaze with a clear glaze. Then it needs to be fired in a kiln.

    Regular paints will burn when they go into a kiln, but if you're getting access to a kiln you'll get access to people who can do a much better job of helping you than me :)

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    I just looked at the picture...and I get the impression they alter the plates...but you can make equally creative ones by buying ceramic plates and tracing/drawing, painting, glazing and firing them in a kiln. Those are definately fired. I used to help one of those people that owned the ceramic painting studios glaze and fire the ceramics and pottery.


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