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    paper flower know how

    hi there!

    i need help with what must be the most basic of crafty people projects: making tissue paper flowers. i mentor a 6th grader who would like to make a paper flower bouquet for her mom for mother's day and, of course, i'd like to make this happen. unfortunately, my experiments in this area, while visually interesting, do not actually look like flowers. so, do any of you have tips, suggestions, links that might help? if so, please pass them on!

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    Here's a link from Martha Stewart Online. :) I hope it helps. I've found also that if my flowers look a little funny, I just crumple the petals a bit more and you can't tell. :) Good luck with your project! It sounds wonderful.

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    The easiest paper flowers to make are by taking layers of tissue cut to the size of your choice. Stack the layers, I would say, between 6-10 and fan fold them. Once they are folded up, take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the middle. Peel up each layer towards the center, fluffing and crinkling as you go. After all the layers are pulled up you have a lovely carnation with a pipe cleaner stem. Good luck!


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