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    glasscutter opinions?

    I love bottles and I want to make lights out of some of my favorite. I don't know if I can really do this but I think I can. I want to cut out a rectangle in the back for the opening to put the candle. Any one know of a good and easy to use glasscutter? I don't have any experience with glass cutting by the way, I do know that it doesn't really cut the glass just makes it weak and then you break it. Well I think that's how it goes, I'm babbiling so I'll shut up now.

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    sounds so cool!

    i would call a local stained glass store,i bet they know how to do it and probably have the stuff to do it!

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    i've not tried cutting into bottles before, but it seems to me that you might be able to use electrical tape or something similar to block out a certain area, hoping that once you score the glass it won't break beyond that point. also, check and see if you can find a rotary cutter blade that might do the trick - my dremel can cut through just about anything, so... it might be worth a shot!

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    You can't really cut a rectangle out of a bottle and have the rest of the bottle stay in once piece.

    Glass cutters cause a weakness in the glass going in a certain direction, and you tap on it to break through the glass. If you were to cut a rectangle, the break wouldn't stop at the line you drew on the glass. It would extend beyond it, possibly breaking the bottle in half.

    Also, glass bottles are really hard to cut cleanly. If you cut the bottom off, you'll have to do a good deal of sanding to avoid cutting yourself. Even then, the edge may be uneven.

    If you want an opening, you could try using a masonry drill bit with a stream of water. You might find one large enough for a candle to fit through.

    Whatever you do, wear eye protection!!!!


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