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Thread: boucle yarn

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    boucle yarn

    I bought several skeins of this yarn:

    I thought it would be pretty, and I could make some cute things from it. Knitting or crocheting with it has been a huge PITA.

    My original goal was to knit baby booties like what's in stitch and bitch, but it's not the proper weight for the pattern. I can't find any patterns for booties using the super thick yarn because everyone makes baby booties out of baby yarn. Go figure.

    Does anyone have suggestions for patterns, or something else to make? I have 3 skeins of yarn, all different colors. I don't use scarves, and I live in CA, so hats are a bit over kill. I'm a beginning knitter, and a decent crocheter.

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    My mom makes afghans and throws from various kinds of bouclé yarn. They're very simple - just plain garter stitch, I think. The only difference from a scarf, really, is the size. She's a knitting fiend and turns out about one a week.

    I tried knitting an afghan from yarn similar to that, back when I'd first learned to knit, because my mother-in-law asked for one. You're right; it's not easy stuff to work with. Your stitches are hard to see, the yarn (at least the kind I had) tangles and breaks easily, and it's difficult to frog too. I ended up having my mom finish it for me.

    Not real encouraging, I guess, but it's an idea for something to do with it.

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    that yarn really is a pain, especially if you have to rip something out. definitely far too heavy for baby booties. of course, i would suggest a hat. i'm originally from CA and would have made one there, but perhaps you're in a warmer region than i was. perhaps you could use the yarn to make a baby blanket instead? i have a lot of random skeins of yarn. clearance stuff, leftovers, etc. i just hold onto the remnants for things like stuffed animals - the boucle really adds a nice effect. or wait until you have a lot of other remnants and random skeins and do a granny square thing or random striped throw with various colors and textures.

    have you tried any of that specialty yarn that everybody was making those scarves out of this winter..... the boa effect, eyelash stuff, etc? i used the 'cha cha' brand from joann's crafts and there must be some nasty finishing chemical in it because my fingers and hands were completely covered in tiny blisters from it (big ones where the yarn touched the most) and i have teflon skin from years as a barista. won't touch that stuff again!

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    Hmm, that's good to know about the cha cha. I've used the fun fur and the confetti type, and the feel of the yarn was like it had been treated with something. It dried out my hands and smelled a little strange.

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    I've made the best baby blankets from boucle yarn! I'd definitly recommend that project. If you hate knitting with it, crochet! I didn't notice anything about the cha cha, but I usually lotion my hands up well before working with any yarn.....

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    I crocheted my brother a "manly" scarf out of a black and brown-colored boucle yarn - it came out nice and textured and heavy and I didn't have a problem using it, b/c it was a pretty simple stitch.


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