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    Learning a new craft

    I thought that it would be nice for everyone to exchange how they got started in the crafts they are best at and enjoy most, and any resources that helped you learned.

    I personally have seen that many people here are avid knitters and crotcheters, and I am interested in both of these. They seem like such relaxing and constructive pastimes, and you all make such beautiful pieces. I am supposed to be getting some software from my mother with crotcheting lessons on them, but I don't know anything about the program as of yet. If it proves useful I'd be happy to copy or exchange the information with people. How did everyone become familiar with knitting and other yarnwark, what books or websites do you think would best help a beginner, and what kind of tips do you have for me.

    In my introduction I mentioned I enjoy restoring items, painting, and decoupage especially (I'm a fairly random craftster). I mostly do items by experimentation, but if you have any questions I can tell you what I've learned by diving right in!

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    Hi there

    One of the first books I looked at when I started crocheting was "Simple Crochet" by Erika Knight. I found that the pictures used to show how each different stitch is done quite useful, although there are still things that a seasoned crocheter would have to show you (like crocheting 'in the round'), as its not comprehensive in its explanantions. However, it has some very nice projects in it which are more contemporary-looking. I found that a lot of the crochet books in my library only had lacy christening robes and booties and things. This book has a leather floor cushion, and a nice stripy throw, etc. I would take a look at it if you get the chance.

    You can take a better look here:

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    i bought a kids crocheting book at the local craft store,and to get me started w/ hemp bracelets my mom taught me over the summer when i was little but there are a few helpful websites... sorry to say i don't have the links :(

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    Most local knitting shops will either have a class you can take, or will help you get started. Look for a small shop owned by an avid knitter .

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    the best book i've come across for crocheting instructions is the Reader's Digest Complete guide to Needlework. i learned to crochet from my gramma and my mom, but the more advanced stiches etc. i got from that book. it also has great instructions for knitting, embroidery, quilting, rug-making, needlepoint, patchwork, lacework, macrame, and applique. not a lot of good project ideas, at least not in the 1979 edition, but i prefer to make my own patterns. i know there's a newer edition, but i bought mine used.

    once you're comfortable crocheting, The Crochet Workbook by Cosh & Walters (St. Martin's Press) is a great resource for doing more freestyle work. a lot of imaginative ideas; more of a stepping stone and inspiring thing to do your own thang, rather than having a lot of specific patterns.


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