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    Sexy Work-at-Home Mommies...Advice Needed!

    I'm at home with my first child, and I'd kind of like to keep it that way. The problem? Maternity benefits will run out in a few months, and I have to figure out a way to bring in a bit of cash.

    I think I'll probably teach a couple of sewing classes at the fabric store I used to work at, but I'm curious about selling online...and wondering if it's a viable forum for my work.

    Specifically, I need some advice on:

    1) Balancing family time with work time
    2) Selling online...does it keep you in cheerios and bum cream?

    Any help you could offer from your own experiences would be so appreciated, as would any links to relevant websites and helpful books on the subject.

    Thank you!

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    First of all, CONGRATS on the little one!!

    I would think that you would need a place (preferably with a door) that you can use for your craft/business for sanity and safety.

    Other Moms that I know feel that they need the "me" time to be able to do something that is separate from mom/baby time.

    As for selling - do you know how much it takes you to make one unit of what you create?

    Have you looked at how much it would take to run an on-line store? Do you have everything you need like a camera, scanner, printer, etc.?

    I looked into it but I realized I don't have enough time nor the fundage for a store. I am waaay too slow right now to make a profit. You can also ask Score! some questions online at

    Hope that was a little helpful - I am sure the other fantastic get crafty members will give you a lot more info!

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    Those are all valid questions, but don't let the lack of those items make you back off of this is you think it is what you want. First, decide how much money you need a week. Then look at what you can realistically make in a week. You need to be able to make x amount of items for x amount of money in x amount of hours. (Easy way is to adjust the item to the money, meaning 20 $10 items might be easier to make than 1 $200 item) But when running a business, getting the product is almost the last thing to think about, marekting, selling and shipping are priorities, so you need to factor that time in each week too. You need to do a lot of planning in order to have the businesses that will buy your product ready to buy every time you have a new product. So that means a good "client list." This isn't as hard as you might think,check out indie labels on Live Journal, and you'll see what I mean. Lastly, make sure you have the ability to bill for, pack and ship your items in a timely efficient way so you really do get your $$$ It sounds like a big deal, but so is being a mom and you were up to that challenge right? So you can definitely handle this. But be smart and work smart, with a plan! Its like any other job -- if you really want to be sucessful at it, you will find a way.
    (Oh, start up costs can be very minimal, you can find ways around the digicam if you don't have one, most developing places have options like CDRs or emailing your pics to you, a domain name and space can be as cheap as $5 a year, You can be crafty and make you first few designs on a shoestring... don't let the lack of money keep you from doing what you want, where there's a will you know...)

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    I'm in the same space you are. With a couple exceptions. My little guy is almost 2 and I'm done with the corporate crap.

    I am going to teach arts and crafts to youth organizations this summer. It will get me out of the house a couple hours a week (sanity), let me teach (passion) and I get to make things with little ones (another passion). The pay is pretty good. For an hour class I charge $15 a child, this includes the materials, there have to be at least 4 kids for me to come and the daycares, scout groups usually pass the cost along to the parents.

    I would consider teaching something, don't rule out Girl Scouts, the scout leaders need help with planning activities, so do Boys and Girls Clubs. YMCA. Religious camps....the list goes on and on.

    Good LUCK!

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    Marketing what you sell

    Hi: I dont have any children, but we did just start an Internet marketing business in November. It really takes a lot of effort and there are lots of ropes to learn when you are trying to sell something.
    It would be probably a good idea to buy a book on crafts and marketing on-line. I know I already have one, and I know they exist!
    Our product is for cleaning, and we invested thousands in it and are still trying to pick up the sales. It can be done, but it takes daily work. So you would have to plan on craft/project time, plus marketing time.
    Best wishes, let me know if you have any questions........
    Btw, I am a craft wannabe........dont seem to ever have enough time for anything.......even without the children!


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