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    hi im new...and i had a question

    Im sitting here at my desk looking at these new aol boxes. They are made out of particle board or cork or wood or something. Very strange...I dont want to throw it away it seems like such a waste. I was wondering if anyone else has seen these and what they have done with them...or if anyone has any ideas.


    <3 Meghan

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    How very strange! Nope, I haven't seen them yet. I can't think of what wood type product would be cheaper for them than plastic, unless it's a super cardboard of some type. I think the last one I got from them was an oversized plastic CD case, but cracked.

    There are some plastic products with wood in them. In a way, composition, particle and plywood boards are like that. Adulterated wood...

    Is it very rigid, or is there some flex to it?

    If it's a mostly wood or organic pulp product (think organic as opposed to synthetic, please...), you should be able to carve or burn into it for some intaglio texturizing.

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    I've gotten two and I thought it was heavy cardboard or stiff foamcore (sp?) board. I didn't think it was wood, but I didn't really examine it, just opened and closed it about 25 times to see how smoothly it closed!

    I think I'm just going to recover mine with paper and use it as a CD case for any mixed CDs I make for another.

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    Even Craftster doesn't have any ideas yet:

    Wait, here's something:
    Okay, this isn't the coolest thing ever, but using one of those new wood-like (not sure what it really is) aol cases I made a box for my refrigerator to hold all my takeout coupons that I always lose or forget about. I just taped it open at maybe a 30 degree angle with some red duct tape and covered the whole thing with it, then hot glued magnets to the back. It looks pretty cool and is functional. I'm thinking of maybe getting some more duct tape colors and doing some sort of design on the front, but i haven't done it yet.


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