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    Haha, I didn't look at the year date on the posts, just the month - seemed relatively recent!


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    oop-s. me neither. so ladies. 2004?

    dawn, what's the update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jean
    dawn, what's the update?
    Ha! The update is that I still have far too many unfinished projects lying around. I really need to start using this thread again, because it helped. At this point, I think that the next project that I need to be held accountable for is updating my website, Daydreaming on Paper. I've been pretty good about posting a new Tuesday Ten on the prompt page every week, but I haven't updated the monthly page for over a year. I have the notes and everything all written out; I just keep procrastinating about actually typing them up and uploading the new page - probably because I also need to transfer all of the old articles to another location in order to free up some web space so that people won't get error messages after X many people visit the site.

    Also, I really need to finish a purple costume bra that has been sitting at the top of my closet for I don't know how long. It's supposed to go underneath a peacock costume that is now too big for me. I think the finished size of the bra may be too small, but I could still sell it to one of the other ladies. Here's where I am on the bra right now:

    I've carefully pinned the fabric over the cups; the next step would be to sew it in place with invisible thread.

    So, if y'all want to hold me accountable for those two things, that would be great. If I don't post that I've made some progress on at least one of these projects by the end of every day, you guys harass me about it. Maybe I can even get the site updated for July!

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