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    Professional Stamp - Making

    Just wondering if anyone has, or knows anyone who has every had an illustration 'turned into' a rubber stamp...My hubby is a fantastic illustrator, and we've been brainstorming unconventional ways he could move from a brain melting day job that doesn't even make use of his artistic skills, to a fulfilling and fun 'any time' job.

    Any info would be appreciated.


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    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking- if you want advice on making the stamp yourself I do not have that for you.

    If you are asking about simply having one of his illustrations turned into a stamp by a professional, I do. I worked in a tiny print shop for a while. We would subcontract for engraving and stamp making. The results were always beautiful, and it is very inexpensive- wholesale. It is best to use an image with completely solid lines, as a stamp can't reproduce shading very well. You are welcome to PM me if you have specific questions.

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    I once had an illustration turned into a rubber stamp. Just take a black and white printout of the illustration (no greyscale, only solid black lines as insistal also mentioned) to your local rubber stamp making shop and they can produce of a stamp of it within a few days. Easy!

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    There are a few companies online that you can send black and white artwork to, and they'll send you finished stamps for $15-$20. I don't know who he would contact to become an illustrator for a stamp making company though.

    He can also attempt the highly nerve wracking and disapointing "do it yourself route" of hacking up a piece of rubber to make his own stamps. Craft stores sell the rubber in different sized sheets (think notepad sized) and carving tools that are like linoleum block cutters. I picked up a kit to try my hand at it, and with some practice, good light, and a steady hand, you can make your own.

    I've got pictures in my blog of a few attempts at it. If I'd put the rubber in the freezer and hadn't tried tackling something like text on my first try, it probably would have gone much better.

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    if you do a search, there are companies online where you can buy the materials to make your own stamps--it costs about 200 bucks to set up, but you can make over 100 stamps, which is better than shelling out cash to someone else...


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