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    making a new clock.

    i have a small clock in the shape of a tyre. i don't really like it so i'm planning on changing it into a new clock. it's a rather small clock. the needles of the clock are in the shape of mechanical tools. i was thinking is there a way to change the needles? if yes, how?

    also, the alarm knob is loose. whenever i turn the alarm off, it'll still ring. is there any way i could get rid of the alarm?

    as for the frame, i plan to make the clock frameless but i'm afraid it'll get dusty and damage the mechanism of the clock. therefore, any ideas for the frame would be much appreciated.

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    Wow, that's way complicated.

    Yeah, you can change the hands, but it is trial and error to an extent. Jo-Ann will have clock works with a couple of different types of hands, but your best bet is a woodworking shop or site that caters to hobbyists.

    The alarm depends on how it's rung. If you just want to remove the alarm function, I'd open the guts of the clock and snip or remove tiny pieces closest to the alarm switch. Mechanical alarms, you could remove the 'bell' inside.

    A lucite box for the clock would keep the dust out, and still look cool. You can usually buy lucite at hardware stores where they cut the glass. Get pieces cut to size and use an epoxy to glue them together.

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    For me, it was always difficult to make clocks. It takes so much time and I still can't do them normally :c

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    I have little experience with making clocks. I was excited by the idea of making a vacuum tube clock. You know, it's a retro clock with a cold cathode display. In short, I failed and gave up because it wasn't as easy as I thought. But I liked it so much that I bought a nixie tube clock and never regretted it.


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