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    Hanging Pictures?

    So......I live in an old house with plaster? walls, or some other material that crumbles when I try to stick screws/with wall anchors or nails in it... anyone have any ideas for how in the hell I should go about actually adorning my walls with photos and the like...and no, I can't paint a beautiful mural on the walls because:
    a) no talent
    b)we will most likely be moving in a few years
    c)did I mention I have no talent?

    Is there some sort of thing that would stick to the wall and also to the pictures? Failing that, what the hell should I do to my upstaris landing that will help it look much less like a pile of crap....I really don't want to paint again, considering I just finished Sunday night, but any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    I have an old house with plaster walls and can relate to your dilemma. First of all, you should never hang pictures from nails/screws sticking straight out of the wall - you need to use actual picture hangers with angled bracket-y things to hold the nail in place and keep things secure. You can use the cheap kind they have at hardware and art supply stores (and most frame shops will probably just give you a couple), but the very best ones I've found are called Ooks : They have an almost needle-thin nail which further reduces the chance of the wall crumbling, plus the wall won't look bad if you decide to move the picture later.
    If you own the house, another option is a picture rail (Martha Stewart is big on these). It's like a strip of molding on your wall just under the ceiling that is made to have hooks hang on it with pictures hanging from them. You can hang the pix with fishing line so it shows less, or you can play it up and hang the pictures with ribbon, etc... The picture rail option is a little pricey, as not only do you need to buy and install the molding, but all the hooks I've seen have been kind of expensive too.

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    A recent issue of Family Handyman had all these ways of hanging pictures/mirrors on a variety of surfaces. They used this nifty nail/hook thing for drywall that was really appealing. I didn't read the rest of the options too carefully, because I just have to deal with drywall. Hope this was some help.

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    It's possible that you need to find one of the studs behind the wall, especially if you are hanging something really heavy. A stud is part of the actual frame of the house--its skeleton, so to speak. You can purchase a stud finder at any hardware store for less than $10. It's a simple, small gadget that you slowly slide over the wall and beeps when it finds one of the studs. You would actually nail a picture hook/nail right into the stud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathias
    It's possible that you need to find one of the studs behind the wall, especially if you are hanging something really heavy.
    The problem with finding the studs in our house, is due mainly to the fact that it was renovated 25 years ago or so by mickey mouse, himself, it would seem. We just demo'd the back addition and nothing was a common measurement, iykwim. Guess I should dig around in the basement for the stud finder, eh?

    Petula - I have bookmarked that link for "futher investigation." That's looking like my best bet to cover up these nasty more renovating for us, in this house I miss drywall -at least we drywalled the addition. (I found some WOOD walls under wallpaper...did I mention mickey mouse's involvement in this house?)

    Thanks for the suggestions.


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